Helpful Links

When designing a home and garden, you can use a lot of help and input from others.  But you can also find a lot of information in a variety of places, for instance, books in the library, books online, your local nursery, friends and family, online videos and also apps that you can download on any portable device.

Helpful Garden Apps:

Yates, the garden app that will help you design and grow the very best garden to enfold your home.  It will help you decide which plant will look best where, solve problems, give advice and ideas, and keep track of what you planted, when and where.  If your plants did not understand what you were saying to them before, this app will teach you their language.

Gardenate, will help you create a vegetable garden that will produce seasonal vegetables throughout the year.  You will get advice on how to get the best out of each individual veggie crop.

And a Helpful Video:

Designing your garden you will not always think about leaving room for vegetables.  Here is a way to include vegetable gardening into your design without offering up too much space.  Growing a vegetable garden can be rewarding and fun.


Helpful Home Design Links:

Look through these 50 housing designs, trending in 2017.  You might get a good idea of what you like and want and what is a definite no-no.

Take a look at these designer floor plans for your home.  You can compare, mix and match and find a solution to match your ideas and planning.

5 Tips for making your home look cosy, expensive and liveable, without having to make a large dent in your bank account.  These tips are easy to implement and will leave you with a home that feels welcoming, as well as, luxurious.


Use these links to help you decide on the many little, and big, things that are important when you design your home and garden.