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Industrial Flooring Installation

Industrial Flooring Installation

If you know the type of flooring to install in an industrial set up, there will be no problem during installation. Whether you are doing for a commercial hall, a restaurant or an apartment, or even a church, you should know the flooring system that will work for a particular setting because not all flooring system will work the same. Unless you are extra careful while choosing the flooring system, you might end up doing unsuitable flooring system.

Tips for choosing the right flooring system:

The type of floor

The most important thing to note is the type of floor you want to install a flooring system. It is imperative to choose a water-resistant type of flooring while working on regularly wet areas. Other factors are prudent to consider before installing a flooring system. Other attributes may include abrasion, reaction to chemicals and reaction to light.

Design and décor

The design and décor the flooring system will bring along is important while choosing those designs. The designs meant for restaurants, for example, cannot be the same as those meant for a bathroom floor.

Ease of installation

Flooring type that is easy to install is better than those that require a lot of energy and skills to put in place. It is, therefore, economical to choose a flooring system that can be installed with ease.

Paint application

After some time, you might decide to change the appearance of the floor. Changing the colour is the first thing that comes to your mind. When choosing the flooring type, you should choose the type that can be painted without any problems. You could choose a colour according to your preferences as long as the paint sticks on the flooring system permanently. Painting remains one’s discretion but highly recommended, especially after a long time when the flooring system starts to fade due to bleaching and wears.

How to perform floor repairs

After some time, the flooring system will bow down to wear and tear. Immediate action needs to be undertaken to restore the flooring to prevent further damages. One should know how to perform repairs on the floors before they are extremely damaged. Leaving them without repairs leaves the flooring system more vulnerable. When the flooring system presents such problems, you should follow the following steps to fix them.

  • Evaluate the floors to determine where the problem began. After identifying the spot where it all started, implement ways of fixing it from that point. If you are not familiar with how to fix the problem, I suggest you do research or consult friends with experience of the same problem.
  • You can also seek help from experts but with a fee. The expert will fix the floor and draw you some expert opinion on what needs to be done on your flooring system to alleviate the problem for good. They will help you better understand how to handle such issues in the future.
  • Discuss the issues affecting your flooring system with the contractor who planned the whole flooring system for you. Let the contractor understand what might have caused the flooring issues so that the same mistakes cannot be repeated.
  • After all, the problems have been identified, and the solutions arrived at, let the contractor implement the solutions without interference from any angle.

Bethell Flooring install industrial flooring. Hire them for your factory or production area. They can also help you with regular maintenance to keep your floor in top condition.…

Roller Doors Central Coast: Preventive tips for garage roller door owners

Roller Doors Central Coast: Preventive tips for garage roller door owners

Roller garage door require proper maintenance to ensure that these stay in the right working order. The main reason is that a garage door is supposed to be one of the heaviest items you have in your home, it is therefore necessary to test it on a frequent basis.

If you take a look at the user manual you would see all the directions for lubrication and adjustments in there. However, if you have lost the user manual or don’t own one you can go for ordering a replacement copy.

However, you can still start by carefully assessing the door springs, cables, rollers and all the door hardware. If you see any broken or frayed parts, it’s time to call in professional help for roller doors in Central coast. While you might consider going for the minor repairs on a do it yourself basis, it’s always better to get professional help. Since automatic garage doors come with many attachments and sensors its best to let a professional handle everything.

You can spray light weight oil or a silicon spray for lubricating the rollers on the door. However some user manuals even advice the use of white lithium grease. Just make sure to use the lubrications which has been specifically suggested for your garage roller door.

Also keep an eye out for the balance of the door. It should be tested on a periodic basis. First disconnect the automatic opener release mechanism. Next try to open the door manually. It should lift with a smooth motion and shouldn’t give a lot of resistance. Plus it should stay open at least three to four feet above the ground without any difficulty. However failure to remain open at this level means that the balance is out and needs to be seen by a professional service person.

Some precautionary tips for people with roller garage doors

  • Avoid standing or walking under a moving garage door
  • Also try to keep the children or pets away from garage doors. Also any transmitters and remote controls should be kept strictly out of reach of children. Also it should be made sure that the push button on the wall should be at least five feet and above from the ground.
  • In case you see that the door can be raised without difficulty yet won’t close properly, there could be some problem with the safety beam sensors. These could have become faulty or misaligned. Make sure you call in a professional to checkout this problem.
  • A remote control which isn’t working properly could be due to faulty batteries. Perhaps the antenna would need to be repaired. In any case, checking out the remote every now and then is a good idea.
  • A door which keeps reversing every time it opens could be obstructed at the binding. However it could also be due to the wrong sensitivity setting.

By keeping all the above mentioned things in mind, contact Central Coast Garage Doors and More. …

How to Find the Best Home Architects in Sydney

How to Find the Best Home Architects in Sydney

If you are looking for home architects in Sydney, you would want to make sure you hire the very best. Hiring an architect requires several steps. For someone wanting to have a house build for the first time, the process can be pretty complicated. It comes with its own series of stress. Hiring the right architect would ensure that when the design is followed you get a home which is exactly the way you wanted it to look like. Of course there could be few discrepancies, because a design is on paper and once a house is built, there could be some differences. On the whole an architect can help you design the home of your dreams.

People normally assume that hiring a contractor is the same as hiring an architect. However, it should be kept in mind that while a contractor can follow a set design but if you are looking for a home which is customized according to your need, you should hire an architect.

The following tips would help you find the best architects in Sydney.

  • Get to know if the architect you are hiring has the proper knowledge. Architects are trained individuals who go through architectural school studying for a four year bachelor’s degree. They also need to have some experience apprenticing as junior architects until they can clear a master’s exam which then allows them a license to practice as an architect.
  • Also when hiring an architect there are certain credentials you need to keep an eye out for. Architects can specialize in certain fields of designing. For example some architects are famous for their classy and spacious homes, some for their commercial work and others for their energy efficient homes. You should have some idea of what kind of design you have in mind and choose an architect who specializes in your specific genre.
  • How much you would have to pay the architect matters as well. Different architects charge a different budget for a variety of projects you need to find one who fits your budget. It should be kept in mid that fee is normally based upon the complexity of a project. If it’s a large project which is relatively simple, it might cost you less when compared to a small building with more complexities. Also the fee for a residential architect varies upon the location as well. A home in an upscale neighborhood would cost more.
  • There are quite a few websites which boast house plans and all so why hire an architect this is a common question but one which has an answer that yes you should hire an architect for a residential project. Architects can help with a variety of tasks then just designing. If you hire the best residential architects Sydney has to offer from the very beginning, they can even help you pick the perfect site for your home. Plus they also involve themselves in the construction of the home so to make sure that their designs are followed well and they are there to answer the queries.

When To DIY And When You Should Hire A Professional Landscaper

When To DIY And When You Should Hire A Professional Landscaper

When you are looking to make your home look better, nothing is going to offer you the same ability to do so as hiring a professional landscaper. Getting proper landscaping completed for your home is one of the best things that you can do for your landscaping. Below, we will discuss some of the reasons you should consider hiring a professional to handle it for you rather than attempting to go at it alone.

Reasons To Hire a Professional Landscaping Company:

1. Making Enhancements.

If you are going to be looking to make any sort of enhancements in and around your home, you are going to want to consider hiring a professional to handle it for you. While you might be able to handle some of the minor landscaping tasks, you want to approach a professional when it comes to getting extra enhancements done in your yard.

2. Prior To Selling.

Another reason you are going to want to hire a professional rather than go at it yourself is when you are planning on selling your home. Prior to putting your home on the marketplace, you should be looking to hire a professional to handle the design and work for you. That way, you will be able to enhance the overall curb appeal that you are able to put out. Having better curb appeal is going to both increases the marketability of your home and even increase the value that you can get for it.

3. Tree Care.

Whenever you are dealing with issues related to your trees, it is essential to get it handled by professionals. Getting professionals to help maintain your tree care is crucial because trees can be dangerous to both you and your property. By hiring a professional to handle the tree care involved in your landscaping, it is going to make it much safer on yourself and even on your home. Also, you want to be sure that you are fully insured if something were to happen. If you attempting to do it yourself, your home insurance is not going to cover the damages because you didn’t hire a professional with insurance to handle it.

4. Improving Plant Selection.

Another reason you are going to want to hire a professional is that they are going to be in a good position to choose what kind of plants you should be adding to your landscaping. They will be able to tell you what kind of plants you might want to include in your yard and which plants you might want to avoid.

Overall, there are plenty of different things that you are going to want to do when it comes to deciding whether or not to hire a professional landscaper to handle your landscaping needs. By following the tips above and hiring one in these circumstances, you should be able to make a good decision in regards to hiring one. Hiring a professional is typically going to be the better route to take if you are dealing with more than basic landscaping tasks.…

Choosing Between A Single And Double Storey Home Design

Choosing Between A Single And Double Storey Home Design

Building a new home comes with the benefit of being able to choose a floor plan that perfectly suits your needs. Selecting a home design comes with the task of deciding whether to settle for a high set or low set design. To be able to make this decision, you need to consider some of these factors.

1. Size of your land

The size of land may have a big impact on the design of the home you build. On average, many home sites are just over 400sqm. This leaves many buyers to consider a double storey home design in order to maximize the living space on a small building space. In most cases, double storey designs often leave plenty of room for a backyard.

2. Life stage you are in

Retired persons more often than not prefer single storey home designs because of the absence of stairs, and a futuristic wish of downsizing from a larger home design. Single storey home designs are efficiently popular with families that have young children as they do not pose as a safety risk. Double storey house designs however are popular with the families with older children as they offer better separation of common living areas.

3. Location

When buying land in inner and middle ring suburb areas with high land cost, it is highly advisable to go for a double storey home design. This is basically because, high set homes are deemed by buyers to be more cost efficient than low set home designs in some instances.

4. Double storey home designs are not double priced

Although the construction of double storey home designs is usually higher, the buildings can be built on smaller, and more affordable land plots. Single storey home designs on the other hand, often require bigger, and more expensive pieces of land. This may in the end drain any savings in the building costs. Since land is becoming scarce by the day, it is more advisable to choose a double storey home design (check some out here: that would perfectly fit on a small piece of land, as larger pieces of land ultimately come with hefty price tags.

5. Layout design

It is significantly important to choose the right layout design that suits your needs when deciding on a double storey home design. While most home owners prefer living areas downstairs and bedrooms upstairs, families with older children choose the living room and master suite upstairs, whereas the children retreat downstairs. Having a single storey home design may come in the path of such a layout as the space will not be adequate for all inhabitants.

6. Backyard size preference

Although being an after all factors considered thought, a backyard size greatly depends on the type of home design you opt to go for. You do not necessarily need a big sized piece of land to have a big backyard. Double storey home designs are the perfect choice when in need of an adequately spaced backyard as compared to single storey home designs.…

How To Design A Cost Effective Custom Home

How To Design A Cost Effective Custom Home

Buying a new home can be a costly investment and building a new one from scratch is even more expensive. Everyone is looking to get a good bang for their money when purchasing or building a new home. However, with lack of planning and without the necessary construction knowledge, you will increase the price of your new home dramatically. Here are a few ways to help you design a cost effective home comfortably.

1. A Simple Design

If you have been dreaming of your ideal house for a long time, you might have added an indoor swimming pool, turrets or vaulted ceilings as well as many more custom designs. However, every little thing that is out of the ordinary will just cost you more money. Well, you need to simplify the design by creating a ranch style house with a roof of medium pitch rather than a 2 story house or one with a steep L-shaped roof.

You can opt for straight walls, both exterior and interior to minimize the cost accordingly. Keep in mind that you need to pay additional labor fees to install octagons, curves or arches into your home. You can always settle for the standard 8 walls since higher walls will increase the overall cost besides creating an open feel.

If you’re unsure on the design make sure to utilise an experienced custom home builder like

2. The Right Location

Did you know that depending on the neighborhood where you plan to build your home, you can either be saving or wasting money? For instance, any neighborhoods with HOA (homeowner’s association) have strict design rules that might increase the cost of designing your home. There might be specifications on the siding, roof type and anything else that conforms to the rules of the neighborhood since they want to create a continuity in the design of the neighborhood. However, if you want to create a cost-effective option, you can opt for another neighborhood without HOA restrictions.

3. Detailed Bids From Contractors

Whatever you discuss with your contractor should be completely detailed. Any good contractor will use a few blue prints to formulate his bid. However, if you want all the contractors to bid for the same thing, you need to specify everything about your house including the exterior and interior details. The bid details should be detailed with accurate mentions of what you are looking for in the house. Compare and contrast each bid from the contractors to find the most affordable one who can guarantee high quality results.

4. The Material

There is a common misconception that home improvement retailers, especially the big-box chains offer the cheapest prices on building materials. Keep in mind that materials make up at least 30% of the entire cost of building a home. Rather than relying on the big box stores, you can always opt for the lumberyard where you can enjoy at least 15% discount on all materials. Bring your blueprints to the lumberyard to get an accurate quote for the materials. If possible, ask for a bulk discount so that you can enjoy building your home at a very cost-effective price.…

Why Should You Consider Choosing Glass Balustrades

Why Should You Consider Choosing Glass Balustrades

Whether renovating or building a custom home, your dream is to make it elegant, modern and beautiful. However, you might have a hard time achieving that dream without an idea on the best products to use. Well, if you choose glass balustrades, you are on the right track. It is one of the best ways to modernize your home and since balustrades are made out of toughened glass, it is a durable option. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider choosing glass balustrades for your home.

a) Glass balustrades can match with any type of building, regardless of the architecture or material in use. Whether you are building a complete glass home, a concrete home or using brick, balustrading can blend in with anything to bring out a sense of elegance and sophistication.

b) They allow for proper illumination through the entire home. How amazing would it be to wake up to natural light flowing through your house? Even better, you don’t have to block your views of the deck area, swimming pool, beach or horizon, depending on where you live.

c) They are very easy to maintain. Nobody has the time to clean around the house, especially with a busy schedule. Even worse, no one has enough money to keep hiring someone to clean their house every now and then. Well, you can always add glass balustrades to your home because they are very easy to maintain. With a quick wipe over, the glass will be looking brand new and you don’t have to waste a lot of time cleaning through every nook and cranny.

d) Glass balustrades always increase the size and space in any room. They create an illusion that the room is larger thus making your home or apartment feel more comfortable and spacious.

e) They are versatile since they can blend in with any other building material and style to create the most elegant masterpiece. Whether you are building a new home from scratch or simply renovating your old house, you can always rely on glass balustrades to bring out the exact sophistication you have been dreaming about.

f) The balustrades are very durable since they have been manufactured using modern toughened glass. Actually , they are more durable than wood since the latter is often susceptible to rotting and pest infestation. With balustrades, you don’t have to worry about any of these issues.

g) They are very easy to install. Imagine how long it would take to install wood or concrete, especially when you are renovating a house. Well, with glass balustrades, you can make a quick installation and never have to worry about delays.

h) With everyone looking for ways to go green, you can become eco-friendly by installing glass balustrades in your home. Keep in mind that you can easily recycle glass and there are no chemicals used to create it. Therefore, your house will both be eco-friendly and energy efficient.

Therefore, if you are debating on whether to consider glass balustrades for your home, you should definitely choose them for these and many more advantages.…

Why Modular Wall Technology Is Rapidly Gaining In Popularity

Why Modular Wall Technology Is Rapidly Gaining In Popularity

If you’re in need of some sound reduction for your property, take heart, there is an affordable solution. Modular walls are all the rage and with good reason. They’re both affordable, and attractive.

Most people think of sound reduction as an ugly wall that must be put up on the perimeter of the property. With these great modular walls, you’ll find that you can have an attractive wall that enhances the look of the property with ease.

Modular walls are easy to install and you can buy as few or as many panels are you require. Far less costly than their frequently used counterparts of brick, you’re sure to appreciate the aesthetics of these great walls.

If you’re seeking both privacy and sound reduction, this is an ideal solution and you’re not going to have to break your budget.

These professional walls are ideal for sound reduction, boundary walls, fencing, privacy and more. You’ll have a variety of options to choose from and there’s no reason that it has to be ugly.

Perfect for both commercial and business uses these walls offer the best in both affordability and looks. Many commercial businesses have sought these out as a way to set up the perimeter of their business.

Ideal for privacy for outdoor locations and venues, these also offer other great benefits in that they can block out the noise of traffic or other events and they also offer you a unique look for your area.

Perfect for swimming pools that require a fence around them to prevent anyone from sneaking in and drowning, they also offer privacy for the pool party.

Ideal as a retaining wall to hold back an embankment or to build around they work well for many construction projects both commercial and residential.

If you’re considering a private courtyard in your backyard or even your front yard, you’ll appreciate the ease with which these can be installed and the privacy that they offer.

It’s nice to be able to go outside and enjoy your own personal courtyard without others being able to see in. It’s also nice to have a quiet place to relax and enjoy an afternoon.

Modular walls aren’t anything new, in fact, they’ve been available on the market now for well over a decade. Many people haven’t heard of them but in reality, they’ve seen them on a daily basis.

These walls are so natural and classic looking that many don’t realize that they are looking at a modular wall. They can be any color desired and be designed to blend in with any setting.

Noisy neighbors are no challenge to a modular wall. Choose a sound insulating option and you’re sure to appreciate the sudden drop in the noise level. You won’t have to look far for these great options.

Thanks to modern technology, these modular walls are always being improved upon and today, more than ever before, they’re making a huge surge in marketing. If you’re in need of a fence, wall, or privacy, consider these modular walls for your next project.…

What’s The Best Way To Clean A Deck?

What’s The Best Way To Clean A Deck?

If you have a deck in your backyard, you’re going to want to keep that deck clean. If you properly clean your deck, you’ll be able to make it look a lot nicer. A dirty deck can detract from your home, but a great-looking deck can leave it looking better than ever.

Of course, you’re going to want to make sure that you’re cleaning your deck in the right way. Read on to learn how you should be cleaning your deck.

Sweep Your Deck

You sweep floors when you want to keep them clean, and you should do the same thing with your deck. You may want to pick up a high-quality push broom; it’ll be a lot easier to sweep your deck with a broom like this.

You may also want to use a small hand broom to clean the edges of your deck. You’ll want to be cleaning away all of the dirt that has collected on your deck. If you sweep frequently, your deck is never going to have the chance to get messy.

Use A Pressure Washer

If you really want to clean your deck, the best thing you can do is use a pressure washer. A pressure washer won’t just tidy up the surface of your deck; it will give your deck a deep and thorough cleaning. If you use the pressure washer properly, you will be able to restore your deck to its original condition.

You can rent or purchase a pressure washer that you can use on your deck. When you clean your deck this way, you’ll be able to wash away any dirt or grime that is impacting its appearance. While you should still tidy up your deck from time to time, a pressure washer is going to deliver better results than anything else will.

When you use a pressure washer, you’ll want to use it effectively. You may want to pair the washer with the right accessories. This will make the washer easier to use. Check out for advice on which one is best for you.

Give Your Deck Regular Cleanings

It isn’t enough to clean your deck every once in a while. If you want to maintain the appearance of your deck, you should be cleaning it on a regular basis. You should be sweeping your deck at least once a week when the weather is right, and you should be giving your deck a deep cleaning with a pressure washer at least once a year.

The longer you go without cleaning your deck, the worse off it will be. If you don’t clean your deck, dirt and dust will start to build up. You won’t be able to keep your deck looking nice unless you clean it on a regular basis.

If you have a deck, you need to make sure you keep your deck clean. Thankfully, there are a number of simple things you can do if you want to keep your deck in excellent shape. From sweeping to pressure washing, you should make sure your deck looks great all year round.…

5 Tips on how to Design a Home and Garden to form part of a Great Streetscape

5 Tips on how to Design a Home and Garden to form part of a Great Streetscape

The Streetscape is the appearance of all the things you can see on your street.  It is the collective of all the buildings, gardens, footpaths, trees, driveways, etc. in a given street in a community.  Each home in the street has its own style, shape and garden, but still forms part of the whole.

When you design your home and garden you should also keep the streetscape in mind.  Streetscape plays an important part in the visual effect and identity of the neighbourhood.  To fit in and interact with the surrounding community, your design should not take away from the character of your neighbourhood.

5 Tips on Designing a Home and Garden that Fit into an existing Streetscape:

  1. Understand the Area Surrounding your Home; and think about the character that the community portrays. Your home should blend in and look like it belongs there.
  2. Face your house looking towards the street; or park and open spaces. A beautiful front to the street will enhance the streetscape.  However, you should still consider solar access to your living and sleeping areas.
  3. Plant trees; good tree coverage improves property values and provides shade. It will also serve as windbreaks and habitat for birds and small animals.  Trees improve the overall appearance of the neighbourhood.
  4. Avoid solid hedges and High Walls on the Street Boundary; they tend to give the idea of isolation, that your home is not part of the community.
  5. Keep the Neighbours’ Field of View clear; while making the most of your home’s view. Use the correct building height and setback from the street.

The street also forms part of the living spaces of a community, much the same as a park or footpaths.  A good street is one that will accommodate all the house fronts, a chat with a neighbour, a child on a bicycle, and your design should make your house part of this unity.…

Advice on creating a design for a liveable house that can adapt to future change and renovation

Advice on creating a design for a liveable house that can adapt to future change and renovation

When designing a new home, people usually anticipate spending a few years living in that house.  That few years can turn into a lifetime.  During those years, or even decades becoming a lifetime, the home will probably need to accommodate changes to its features.  A home should be adaptable to most of the changes without becoming too costly and labour intensive.

Taking all possibilities into account you can design a house that can be, firstly, made bigger and later even be divided into two different smaller homes.

Advice on things to Consider while you Plan and Design a New Home, or Buy a House to Adapt to your Needs:


Create an Adaptable Floor Plan:  Households change with time.  Some changes can be planned, others will happen unforeseen.  Design a floor plan that can be easily modified with enough room on the outside where possible enlargements can be built.


Strong Enough Foundation:  If you plan to later go multi-level with your home, start off with a strong enough Foundation.  Strengthening the foundation of an already built house can be bothersome and difficult and might be costly.


Plan for Easy Access from the Street and Car Ports and Garages:  If the possibility exists that you will change your home in two separate homes, you might need to leave room for a possible second access path from the street.  Also, keep in mind that you might need to make provisions for easy access for an elderly relative.


General Interior:  Plan living spaces that will allow easy movement and access between them.  Place electrical outlets and light switches where it’s accessible.  If children are included in the household, you should use childproof electrical guides for all installations.  You should include enough electrical outlets in each room and more in the living spaces and kitchen.


Bathrooms and Toilets:  Ensure that there will be enough circulation in all rooms where water and steam are used.  If separate toilet and bathroom is preferred, install a removable wall that can be removed later on, depending on your wants and needs


Bedrooms:  Plan all sleeping spaces to be within easy reach from the bathroom facilities.  Rooms must be made airy and well lighted.  Design windows to give maximum light and air.  Well-placed doors can mean either a room well built with many options or a room with only one option where the bed goes and nothing else.

A home that is accommodating to all the lifestyle changes that will occur in its time, without the need to demolish, or greatly modify the existing services or structure, is seen as an adaptable, liveable house.…

How to Design your Garden to be a Beautiful frame to your Home and be Home to Nature’s Gifts

How to Design your Garden to be a Beautiful frame to your Home and be Home to Nature’s Gifts

A garden surrounds your home.  It is visible looking out any window or door of your home.  A garden is also visible to people looking at your home from the street, or your neighbours on the other three sides of your home.  You can also look at your garden by being inside the garden itself.

Your garden can assist in keeping your home cool in summer and cosy in wintertime.  Your garden needs just as much designing as your home will do.

Things to think about when designing your garden:

  1. Sustainable garden design; actually means that you create and design to blend in with the natural surrounding landscapes, using the plants and trees that naturally grow in your area. These plants know how to survive and maintain themselves.  They will draw insects and birds, which are needed in all gardens and are part of the natural habitat.
  2. Choose Colourful; whether you choose flowers or trees or shrubs, make your choice by looking at a colour wheel. Choose your primary colours to frame your home and draw attention to its details, but also choose contrast colours in your garden, it will create an amazing effect when planted side by side.
  3. Create areas where you can linger; by using plants, shrubs and trees with different heights, colour and foliage, you can draw attention to focus points in your garden. It can be a little alcove covered with foliage and a bench to sit and read or watch the birds.  It can be a small rock pool that will invite frogs and other small water animals.  It can be anything that is worth a second, third or fourth look.
  4. Design outside lighting for pathways and socializing areas; that will blend in with the rest of your home and garden. With the correct type of lighting, you can create any type of atmosphere and scenery.  Your home can shine even at night.
  5. Grow your own food; you do not need a lot of space for growing your own vegetables and even fruit. You can make these plants part of your design, in between shrubs and other plants.  You can also start a container garden where you grow your veggies inside containers which you can place randomly where there are room for them.

The whole design for your garden should be to work together with your home to form a beautiful, welcoming picture.  The whole should draw you in, make you feel comfortable and glad you are at home.