To design a garden and home you need to take into account the whole, the collective appearance of all the elements involved.  Elements will be all the buildings, the surrounding gardens with flowerbeds and footpaths and the lighting of focus points where you place them.

Even though this might sound strange to you, but, you should also look at the surroundings outside of your property walls.  You might want to design your home to stand out in your neighbourhood, but you are still part of a community and would not want to draw attention because of the wrong reasons.

When designing or renovating your home, you can stand out and still contribute to improving the feel and identity of your community.  There are many ways you can achieve this, for example, consider the height of the surrounding houses, materials used, type and style of the houses and gardens surrounding your home, and how far the houses are set back from the street.

Considering all this you can now design your new home or renovations to an existing home, to your own taste and ideas, and still look and be part of your surroundings and community.