How Emergency Plumbers in Melbourne handle emergencies

Water supply is an essential part of any housing scheme. Any problem with the water supply can be a deterrent to mental peace. Without water one can face a number of emergencies. Sometimes before you are able to reach an emergency plumber in Melbourne, you need to handle the emergency on your own.

All plumbing systems require the right amount of maintenance. Failure to maintain the plumbing or not paying attention to the warning signs can be detrimental for the plumbing in the long run. Professional plumbers can help manage all sort of plumbing issues. However, in case of an overnight emergency you might need help of an emergency plumber.

While there is often a chance that people take care of the maintenance issues but are still faced with emergencies which might occur. The following are a few plumbing emergencies one can face and the methods of dealing with each of those emergencies.

Leaking pipes

While leaking pipes can seem like a major issue, this can be dealt with easily. There are some preventive steps which can be taken until help arrives. A small leak can be handled with the help of epoxy putty. It’s a paste which hardens into a solid when applied on a leaking pipe. However, care must be taken that if the leak is bigger the putty can only hold it off for a while until the pipe actually bursts turning into a real emergency. As soon as you handle the emergency make sure you make a call to your plumber to avoid a major issue.

Before applying the epoxy putty make sure to turn off the water supply to prevent the water from preventing it from hardening.

Problems with water faucets

Water faucets can break down. This would result in water flowing out at full speed. The first thing you got to do is make sure to turn off the water supply. It’s essential to know where the supply is located so that it can be shut off immediately otherwise it might result in flooding of the home. If you live in an apartment shutting of the water supply might cause problems for other residents. Just make sure you call an emergency plumber immediately to resolve the issue and restore the water supply to rest of the residents in the building.

Dealing with a clogged toilet

A clogged toilet could be a result of any debris stuck in the drain. Resist flushing the toilet or you might find the contents spilling onto the floor. Until help arrives, make use of a plunger. A few plunges would help to resolve the issue on a temporary basis. If a plunger doesn’t help, make use of an auger to handle the issue. Avoid using any chemicals because these can be pretty harsh and can do more damage than necessary. Once it’s done, call an emergency plumber in Melbourne.