How To Design A Cost Effective Custom Home

Buying a new home can be a costly investment and building a new one from scratch is even more expensive. Everyone is looking to get a good bang for their money when purchasing or building a new home. However, with lack of planning and without the necessary construction knowledge, you will increase the price of your new home dramatically. Here are a few ways to help you design a cost effective home comfortably.

1. A Simple Design

If you have been dreaming of your ideal house for a long time, you might have added an indoor swimming pool, turrets or vaulted ceilings as well as many more custom designs. However, every little thing that is out of the ordinary will just cost you more money. Well, you need to simplify the design by creating a ranch style house with a roof of medium pitch rather than a 2 story house or one with a steep L-shaped roof.

You can opt for straight walls, both exterior and interior to minimize the cost accordingly. Keep in mind that you need to pay additional labor fees to install octagons, curves or arches into your home. You can always settle for the standard 8 walls since higher walls will increase the overall cost besides creating an open feel.

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2. The Right Location

Did you know that depending on the neighborhood where you plan to build your home, you can either be saving or wasting money? For instance, any neighborhoods with HOA (homeowner’s association) have strict design rules that might increase the cost of designing your home. There might be specifications on the siding, roof type and anything else that conforms to the rules of the neighborhood since they want to create a continuity in the design of the neighborhood. However, if you want to create a cost-effective option, you can opt for another neighborhood without HOA restrictions.

3. Detailed Bids From Contractors

Whatever you discuss with your contractor should be completely detailed. Any good contractor will use a few blue prints to formulate his bid. However, if you want all the contractors to bid for the same thing, you need to specify everything about your house including the exterior and interior details. The bid details should be detailed with accurate mentions of what you are looking for in the house. Compare and contrast each bid from the contractors to find the most affordable one who can guarantee high quality results.

4. The Material

There is a common misconception that home improvement retailers, especially the big-box chains offer the cheapest prices on building materials. Keep in mind that materials make up at least 30% of the entire cost of building a home. Rather than relying on the big box stores, you can always opt for the lumberyard where you can enjoy at least 15% discount on all materials. Bring your blueprints to the lumberyard to get an accurate quote for the materials. If possible, ask for a bulk discount so that you can enjoy building your home at a very cost-effective price.