Choosing Between A Single And Double Storey Home Design

Building a new home comes with the benefit of being able to choose a floor plan that perfectly suits your needs. Selecting a home design comes with the task of deciding whether to settle for a high set or low set design. To be able to make this decision, you need to consider some of these factors.

1. Size of your land

The size of land may have a big impact on the design of the home you build. On average, many home sites are just over 400sqm. This leaves many buyers to consider a double storey home design in order to maximize the living space on a small building space. In most cases, double storey designs often leave plenty of room for a backyard.

2. Life stage you are in

Retired persons more often than not prefer single storey home designs because of the absence of stairs, and a futuristic wish of downsizing from a larger home design. Single storey home designs are efficiently popular with families that have young children as they do not pose as a safety risk. Double storey house designs however are popular with the families with older children as they offer better separation of common living areas.

3. Location

When buying land in inner and middle ring suburb areas with high land cost, it is highly advisable to go for a double storey home design. This is basically because, high set homes are deemed by buyers to be more cost efficient than low set home designs in some instances.

4. Double storey home designs are not double priced

Although the construction of double storey home designs is usually higher, the buildings can be built on smaller, and more affordable land plots. Single storey home designs on the other hand, often require bigger, and more expensive pieces of land. This may in the end drain any savings in the building costs. Since land is becoming scarce by the day, it is more advisable to choose a double storey home design (check some out here: that would perfectly fit on a small piece of land, as larger pieces of land ultimately come with hefty price tags.

5. Layout design

It is significantly important to choose the right layout design that suits your needs when deciding on a double storey home design. While most home owners prefer living areas downstairs and bedrooms upstairs, families with older children choose the living room and master suite upstairs, whereas the children retreat downstairs. Having a single storey home design may come in the path of such a layout as the space will not be adequate for all inhabitants.

6. Backyard size preference

Although being an after all factors considered thought, a backyard size greatly depends on the type of home design you opt to go for. You do not necessarily need a big sized piece of land to have a big backyard. Double storey home designs are the perfect choice when in need of an adequately spaced backyard as compared to single storey home designs.