Roof Repairs

Aside from the foundation of your home, the roof is considered as one of the most significant parts of your abode. Since it is directly on top of everything, it absorbs all forms of exposure like ultraviolet rays and winter hail. At times, forces of nature are inevitable; thus placing the roof in a very compromising situation.

Despite the onset of natural phenomenon, roof repairs in Melbourne continue to extend renovations to the different parts of the country. They understand the need to fix things as soon as possible or as urgently as they can in order to meet the demands of their customers and gain their long term trust and confidence. Transactions do not end from giving and receiving payment for a particular job; instead, it is the beginning of a business partnership described as a give and take relationship.

Knowing and understanding the root cause of the problem is an effective way of implementing an intervention or a good solution. Roof repairs can be facilitated if prevention has been done at an earlier time. The purpose of which is not only to stop possible contributory factors leading to the wearing and tearing off the roof but also to minimise damage as timely as they can.

To help you go over on what’s the best thing to do to protect your home and your investments, here’s a quick and helpful prevention guide:

Limbs of trees and other debris

Small and big branches of trees including tree limbs are commonly the reason why the roof is damaged to some extent. Selective cutting and trimming of trees will significantly help in avoiding leaves,  twigs, pine needles and pine cones from settling on the roof surface and surrounding gutters. The decay of these materials will bring organisms and bacteria that are harmful along the way.


This is by far the leading cause of why the roof is damaged. It is something unpredictable and beyond any human understanding. A strong wind, a chunk of hail, bits of snow, pieces of ice and even the lovely sunshine contribute a lot to roof damage. There are a lot of products like sealants and paints claiming that it can be dependable on any weather condition, but it’s all part of a marketing strategy. The nature of its protection is temporary, and no amount of guarantee or assurance can be made when a natural phenomenon takes place.

Birds and other animals

Some if not many fowls are migratory and transient by nature when we talk about their habitat. The roof of your homes could be their shelter for an extended period, and unknowingly, animal waste or excrements could destroy the beauty of the roof. Animals like rats, woodpeckers, bats, and raccoons could extend a considerable amount of damage on the roof by chewing on shingles or gnawing on the ends of gutters to look for food or a permanent settlement.

Poor gutter installation

Gutters are supposed to protect the roof from a great amount of water by also directing it away from the foundation and the other important parts of the house. When gutters are poorly placed or installed, it accumulates water on the roof and possibly would clog water outlets, directly contributing to rotting away of roof components and wearing away of other important protective materials.

Water damage

Since water is known to dissolve anything that comes in contact with creates a conclusion that it is the culprit of all roof damage. Mildew or moisture helps in developing and growing of moulds that produce organisms that will contribute more to roof damage.