House Painters Melbourne- How to hire a House Painter

Are you looking for professional house painters in Melbourne? Before you hire someone, make sure of the following:

  • Look out for excellent customer service. You want to hire someone with good reviews. Someone who can be trusted and relied on to provide quality service.
  • Whether they offer any incentives along with their excellent service. The right painter would guide you throughout the painting process, helping you choose a color scheme which is well suited for your home.
  • Someone who is willing to go an extra mile. True professionals do their bit and wouldn’t mind doing a bit of extra work if it adds value to their work.
  • Make use of quality materials and products to ensure that their work looks classy and aesthetic. A well painted house can improve the resale value and also makes your home stand out.

When hiring house painters keep the following in mind:

Check for insurance

The first thing you should be on the lookout for is whether the painter is insured or not. Most painters who are insured always make sure they carry a proof of liability insurance with them. The mark of a professional painter is that they have all their documents handy. This is an indication of their reliability.

Do they provide references?

A professional painter has a whole lot of clients. They are assured that when they provide references, these are for customers who have been satisfied with their services in the past. Don’t forget to verify those references to ensure that you are making the right decision hiring the contractor.

Make sure you ask their previous customers if they were satisfied with the job and whether they were happy with the painter’s work ethic?

A professional painter would only be too happy to how you a portfolio of their previous work which may contain before and after pictures. Plus they would be more than willing to show letters of recommendations as well. Someone who believes in the quality of their work would never shy away from giving references.

Get a quote

As a home owner you might prefer hiring someone who offers affordable rates. You must look for someone who offers competitive rates. No two painters would ever quote the same price for a job. Also what they quote depends highly upon the kind of service which they offer and the products that they use. Obviously someone who uses quality material and dos professional jobs would charge more based on their experience. Also you can be assured that these are contractors you can rely on to get the work completed within the given time frame. Get estimates from at least two or three contractors. Get to know whether they do all the work on their own or they hire subcontractors for the paint job.

Some painters might ask for an upfront deposit, this is usually done to cover the costs of the materials which would be used during the paint job.

Keeping all the above mentioned things in mind would help you find Melbournes leading house painters.